Asia AI Hub
Artificial Intelligence in Korea
Across Asia, a move to develop local AI industry and infrastructure has begun to take place. Governments and research institutions have begun investing in AI research groups, AI startup accelerators, and AI-reliant infrastructure.
Experienced entrepreneurs have established accelerators and bootcamps in order to bolster their investment potential. However, Korea has lagged behind the rest of Asia in the development of AI technologies.

South Korea has a high proportion of researchers among its workforce (12.84 per thousand employees): over 6 times that of China and still 20% greater than that of Japan or Singapore. However, despite all of these technological advantages, such as being the world leader in patent applications, Korea has only 3% of the world's patents relating to AI technologies. Compared to Japan and Korea, who together constitute 18% of AI patents, Korea's AI market is significantly smaller, even with tech giants such as LG and Samsung.
April 5th, 2017 - the launch of the Asian Artificial Intelligence Hub:
Dmitry Kaminsky, Benjamin Butler, and Park Dong-Won, CEO of Seoul National University Technology Holding Company.

April 6th, 2017 - Shinseong E&G and Suwon University
established a collaboration.
Korean Startup Investment Trends
Since the AlphaGo incident, interest in AI development in South Korea has rapidly increased. The AI market in South Korea is expected to nearly double, from 2.78 billion EUR in 2013 when Exobrain investment began, to 4.94 billion EUR in 2017. Part of this is no doubt in thanks to the new initiatives from the MSIP, started by former President Park. The newly created Science and Technology Strategy Committee will invest 768 million EUR over the next five years, along with 1.9 billion EUR in private sector investment from major Korean firms such as LG and Naver. Furthermore, these companies will establish an AI research lab with an investment of 2.3 million EUR per firm.

Our Mission
We will turn South Korea into an AI technology powerhouse by avoiding the mistakes of the Western predecessors in this industry and investing substantial resources in fostering innovation and expansion in this exponentially-accelerating sector.
AI will be used as the core tool to succees in other industries where AI is rapidly becoming used and integrated.
We Will Promote AI Activities and Train AI Experts
AI Drug Discovery
AI Cosmetics
AI Healthcare
AI Jobs and Training
AI Finance
AI Entertainment
Our Main Partners
Alex Zhavoronkov
Insilico Medicine
Dmitry Kaminskiy
Deep Knowledge Ventures
Benjamin Butler
Emerging Future Institute
Youngsook Park
UN Future Forum
Insilico Korea
Park Dong-Won
Seoul Techno Holdings, Inc
Seoul National University
In Ho
Kora BlockChain Society
Korea University
Lee Nam-Shik
University of Suwon
Kim Myung-Ja
The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies
Lee Wan-Geun
Shinsung Solar Energy